Monday, April 26, 2010

100 word poem

One of my Asian American Studies class! This is one of the classes that inspired me to start up this blog!

Last semester (Fall 2009, in one of my Asian American Studies class, my professor had everyone write a 100 word poem as a final reflection. The picture of my class is where I had to write this poem. This is my 100 word poem (I went a little over 100 words),I decided to post this in my blog because this is how I felt at the time and I can proudly say this is how I still feel.

Asian American woman is what I consider myself to be
There are many stereotypes about me

But I just laugh and know that all of it isn’t true
People just try to throw me in some category never thinking it’s cruel

This class had taught me to not just sit back
Instead if anything I will come and attack

Not violently of course
That would just make me remorse

My goal in the future is to be a leader
My type of personality is to be a fighter

This class pushes me to fight for my goal
Even if it’s like climbing an impossible pole

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