Thursday, May 20, 2010


Frozen yogurt has gotten really popular very recently. Although some people think it might just be a fad, I have a feeling it might stick around for a little while.

Yogurtland is Korean owned and it is one of the many yogurt shops that opened up. But Yogurtland stands out than the rest because it has been doing the best (my opinion). Yogurtland is self-serve and offers a variety of different flavors. Although they change their flavors, the most popular ones seem to stick around longer.

Their mission statement is “to bring people together for the most flavorful, natural, and fun frozen yogurt experience while promoting a healthy lifestyle.” (Yogurtland)

Yogurtland is not only busy during the summer, but every season. I interviewed one of the managers in one of the stores in the city of Irvine and paraphrased his answers. Enjoy! =)

Why do you think Yogurtland is doing so well?

It is a new hit like boba.

How do you choose the different flavors?

They see whatever is new and order it. They also pay attention to what sells well and continue ordering the popular flavors. But it is different for every store.

Yogurtland started off really well and was constantly busy with lines out the door,
is it still just as busy?

It is not as busy as when they first started, but again every store is different especially due to location. For their store, it does fluctuate depending on the season.

Compared to other frozen yogurt stores, why do you think Yogurtland does so well?

They were the first ones to come up with the idea of being self-serve.

Although location plays a key factor on the customers, how diverse are the customers of Yogurtland?

It is very diverse. Their customers are predominately Asians; the ratio is 60% Asians and 40% Caucasians.

What is the age range of customers?

All ages

What do you think might be the next “fad”?

Possibly the Gogi Trucks because it is already popular is Los Angeles, but slowly, little by little it might get popular in Orange County.

If you have not tried Yogurtland,I highly recommend it!

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